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February 9, 2008 / steve8

interesting eye-brain stuff

the Center peice of each face of the cube is exactly the same color on the screen.

optical cube

thanks Mike D.


It must be that our minds are trained to predict the real characteristics of the objects, absolute color values are irrelevant… if two objects are in reality the same color, they will only appear to have the same color spectrum and magnitude in the same lighting conditions…. here the lighting conditions seem to be very different… light vs shade…. of course in this photo theres no way to tell if the darker face is caused by shade or just darker colors….

so in most real-world situations this would be shade,,, and these two colors , identical in different lights, would be very different in the same lighting conditions… so in a way our brain is supersmart…

this embedded visual processing/intellegence is usually prudent, but still interesting to isolate…

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