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June 8, 2008 / steve8

intel’s nehalem CPU

a x86 CPU market refresher for the last 6 months:

* 45nm intel quad and dual core CPUs

* 65nm AMD quad and tri-core cpus with TLB-bug fixed

*2 new integrated chipsets for AMD cpus (the AMD 780g and the nvidia 8200), with great media playback capabilities

Intel is dominating the middle and high-end, while low-power (45W dual (4850e) and 65W quad (9100e)) AMD cpus paird with the new integrated chipsets are very attractive media-centric platforms.

Coming Soon:

Intel’s G45 chipset which finally brings excellent video playback, decent 3d performance, and official 16GB ddr2 support to intel CPUs.

new 45nm notebook CPUs from intel are coming imminently, lowering power and heat with small laptops. Also new notebook chipsets similar to the G45 are arriving, along with a new wireless card with wimax.

Coming not-so-soon:

Intel’s first CPU with an integrated memory controller: (no more talking to ram via a northbridge)

for those interested in performance, It’s exciting.  This true multi-core chip will run in a similar thermal envelope as the current penryns.

more on nehalem

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