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March 10, 2009 / steve8

Javascript Performance in modern browsers *DOM results added

I use google chrome almost exclusively when doing the web, but I see many people using a wide variety of web browsers these days.

So I wanted to see how fast they are in the immensely popular javascript:


<–relative speed. (higher is better)—>

OS: windows 7 64-bit b7048
RAM: 4GB DDR2-800
CPU: intel 2-core 3Ghz Penryn w/6MB cache
HDD: Samsung F1 7200rpm
Chipset: intel G45

v8 is

sunspider is

dromaeo JS is

dromaeo DOM is|jslib|cssquery

(ie and safari 3 were not able to complete the dromaeo DOM test suite w/default settings)


the 64-bit firefox I tested is not official;

google chrome is a dev/beta build.

opera, IE, chrome, firefox, k-meleon, safari are all 32-bit unless otherwise noted.

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