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October 22, 2009 / steve8

A glimpse at Modern Racism in dating?

Some data from the United States:




This data only counts people who have some income ^source^







Money and Education/Intelligence are essentially the ingredients to socio-economic class/success.

So given this data, it makes sense that a classist person would have significant preferences if the only known attribute is race.

Many may argue racism is inherent biologically as we evolved with the humanity that feels better around people looking similar to us, (which makes sense in a tribe in nature where you wouldn’t want to let your guard down with very different looking creatures that may not be friendly), data further below will make that a mute point for the purposes of this text. 

If we model a female as purely seeking social and economic status in a mate, her race preference would probably look something like this:


based on median income of males with income ^source^



based on mean income of males ^source^


Many may say yeah but woman aren’t seeking out economic security in a male these days… well lets have a look:


The following is actual response rate from females from a popular dating site with a sizable dataset:


Just to clarify this shows Asian woman respond at a higher rate to white men’s messages than Asian men’s messages.

The pie chart is a visualization for their racial preference when considering mates.






This data mostly matches our expected graphs based purely on income which supports the idea that females in this culture seek out mates by socio-economic status.  The exception is that Asian men seem to enjoy far less favor from all females than their academic and economic status would suggest. 

Here’s one bit of data that may explain it:




My angle hear suggests that while no reasonable person really has much of any reason to believe one race is “better” than another, racism persists in daily and social life primarily because of classism.  The way things are going in our culture, the fight against classism seems unwinnable, and maybe it shouldn’t be fought?

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