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April 24, 2010 / steve8

Buying an LCD Display

I decided I wanted a 24” display, so i did a little searching.

I settled on the HP ZR24w, as it was an IPS panel with good colors and viewing angles (IPS panel), had very little input lag, could rotate for 16:10 or 10:16 use, and wasn’t ridiculously priced like most IPS panels.

on HP’s page they are boasting a lot of energy saving stuff like an 85% power supply.  But forgive me for not really trusting their energy-efficient marketing, so I started comparing some LCD power consumption and found some striking differences.  Take a look at the little table I constructed:



other sources:

energystar, cnet, apple


What a wide range of power consumption, even at the same brightness.  There are no sanely-priced efficient IPS-panel 24-inch displays.  On this data it seems LEDs use less energy (no surprise), but maybe IPS panels need more power than tn?  I say that because the apple display is LED and IPS and still guzzles watts (oddly even more than the dell IPS ccfl display).

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